Privacy Policy

GR8JOB makes every effort to maintain the degree of privacy that our users opt for when using the GR8JOB website (“Site”).  The only information that we collect is information that the user freely provides in the course of using the Site.

GR8JOB believes that our community of users (“Users”) will want to use the Site partly because of our open and transparent approach to the job-matching process. We believe that many more jobs are found by “networking”, than by the current closed approach offered by many others job-matching services, both online and offline.

Our aim is to provide an open jobs environment via an online platform which emulates more traditional face-to-face “networking”; where someone may know someone who is looking for a particular type of job and also knows someone who may have such a job available.

As with newspaper job advertising, we only charge job-listers (employers or recruiters) and other advertisers to post jobs or other ad material on the Site.  We do not charge job-seekers to post their profiles or resumes/CVs, nor do we make a charge for any job applications that they may submit. We see the cost of finding gr8people to fill their job vacancies as a normal cost of doing business for an employer or recruiter, whilst recognising that job applicants will almost always have a cost to bear in pursuing any job opportunity, in the form of travel, Internet, phone and other expenses.

We require that all Users of the Site first register before they can access any of the job, profile, resume or CV pages of the site.  Each application for registration is moderated and generally the registrant will be required to either post a job advertisement (if registering as an employer or a recruiter) or else a personal profile and preferably a resume or CV (if registering as a job-seeker), prior to their application for registration being approved by the GR8JOB moderator.

Whilst this process does not and cannot establish that the registrant is a bona-fide employer, recruiter or job-seeker, we do believe that it provides a reasonable level of screening to enable GR8JOB to form an opinion about the validity of the registrant, prior to confirming their registration and granting access to the content pages of the Site.

Following registration confirmation, we facilitate online networking by enabling our gr8people (our job-seekers) to browse our gr8employer and gr8recruiter profiles and vice-versa, as well as the gr8jobs that are posted on the site, so that they will be able to get a first-hand view of the company and people that they may be working with, both during the job search and after any successful engagement, from the information that is published on the Site in the form of personal profiles,  resumes/CVs, company profiles and job-descriptions. We also encourage our gr8employers to browse our gr8recruiter profiles and vice-versa, so that they can find companies that they might like to work with in the job-matching process.

In this way, we offer complete transparency across our entire community of Users to provide a platform for extensive networking across the jobs landscape, as many employers may know of other jobs or other employers for whom a particular job-seeker could be an ideal candidate, even if they themselves do not currently have a suitable position at that time.

It is therefore vital that both job-seekers and job-listers (employers and recruiters) only post information on the Site that they are happy for the entire community to see. Be aware that information you post on the site or have included in the searchable resumes/CV database may be seen, used, and stored by others around the world. This may include Users in countries that might not have legislation that guarantees adequate protection of personal information as defined by your country of residence.

By providing your personal information for inclusion on our Site or in our database, you acknowledge that you consent to your information being used in the way described above. While GR8JOB takes measures to safeguard your information from unauthorised access or inappropriate use by third parties, including requiring all Users to register before they are allowed to access information on the Site, GR8JOB does not control these third parties and we are not responsible for their use of information you post or otherwise make available in public areas of the Site, or co-branded sites.

We do not expect any User to post “personality” information on the Site, such as, but not limited to, information relating to your ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership of a political or trade association, sexual preferences or health, or to post any comments which are of a sexual, profane or defamatory nature.  GR8JOB reserves the right not to publish, or to delete, any material which contravenes this policy and to revoke and delete any User account responsible for such contravention.  In this event no refunds will be available for any advance purchases that any offending User of the Site may have made prior to the event.

You should therefore ensure that you do not post sensitive information (see below) to any GR8JOB Site or include sensitive information in your searchable resumes/CVs.

For a job-seeker, such information may include:

  • Your name                     * See below
  • Email address               * See below
  • Your photograph          * See below
  • Your address
  • Telephone number
  • Credit card number
  • Contact information
  • Information about third parties, such as references or contacts, that you provide, even if you have their express written consent to do so.

You may be “known” on the Site only by your Username, or by a fictitious name, but we strongly recommend that if you are a job-seeker that you do publish your real name. In any event, we will need to collect your real name and email address when you register as a User of the Site, so that we may include that information in any job applications that you submit via the Site, to enable the prospective employer or recruiter to respond to you.  You may however, choose not to publish either your name or email address on your profile page and should then also remove both from any resumes/CVs that you post.

Similarly, in their personal profile and resumes/CVs, Job-Seekers may only use actual personal photo images of themselves, and may not use the image of another person, to represent themselves.  Rather than using a personal photo image, a Job-Seeker may instead use an Avatar image, a symbolic image or representation, or some other non-human image, to take the place of a personal photo image. You must not use an image to which another entity owns the Copyright.

For a job-lister, (employer or recruiter) such information may include:

  • Your name                                         * See below
  • Your company/business name      * See below
  • Email address                                    * See below
  • Your address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Credit card number
  • Contact information
  • Information about employees
  • Other sensitive corporate information

Generally the information that a job-lister will provide on the Site will be information which is in the public domain, such as Company Name, Logo, Address, Contact Details etc. (ie, information which you might normally make available on your own websites). We will however, need to collect a nominated contact name and email address when you register as a User of the Site, so that we may include that information in any job applications that we submit to you via the Site.

Otherwise, GR8JOB will never disclose your personal information to third parties except in the following circumstances –

  • if required to do so or permitted by law;
  • to various regulatory bodies and law enforcement officials and agencies to protect against fraud and for security purposes;
  • to our third party service providers as well as to our related entities, for the purposes of providing any services and/or products you request or purchase from us via the GR8JOB Site.
  • Other sensitive corporate information

Finally GR8JOB does not use any personal information that you provide for marketing, promotional or other sales-related activity, neither do we divulge your information to other parties who might want to use it for these purposes.  Other than contacting you by email from time to time, we act simply as a link between job-seekers and job providers and do not store any data beyond that which is required for this purpose.

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