Both Job Seekers and Job Listers may request gr8job to embed a Video Resume Profile or a Video Job Profile in your submission at a cost of A$25.00 per video.  Please use the Video Contact Form below to arrange for this service.

If you would like to submit a video for embedding into your Resume or Job Profile, below is a summary of the steps you need to take to create and submit your video:

Step 1.  Take a look at either of our sample video profiles by clicking on the links below:

Sample Video Resume Profile

Sample Video Job Profile

For further help and guidelines for creating your own video, please go to Create Video Resume Profile

Step 2.  Record your own video.

We recommend keeping the content to LESS THAN TWO MINUTES, so that you just provide a “snapshot” of who you are if you’re a Job Seeker, or what the job entails if you’re an employer or recruiter.

You can use a video camera, a webcam, an iPad or a smart-phone such as an iPhone to record the content.  Make sure you capture the video in LANDSCAPE MODE rather than portrait mode, as this gives us more room to edit or crop the video if we need to.  We suggest you save the video to your Desktop or Favorites Folder.

Step 3. Register with YouTube© (if you’re not already registered).  Go to and register as a first time user, or login if you’re already a user there.

Step 4. Upload your video.  Locate your saved video and UPLOAD it to the YouTube© website.

Step 5. Manage the Video Settings in the YouTube© Video Manager

a.           Name your video (e.g. “John Brown Video Resume” or  “Account Director Video Job Summary”).

b.           Set the YouTube© privacy setting – to either “Public” (however anyone could then see the video later), or to “Private” (recommended).

c.           Make sure you then add the email address to the list of private email addresses so that we can view the video.  You won’t need to email us as we will receive notification that you’ve uploaded a video which we can access.

Step 6.  Use the Video Contact Form below to let us know that you’ve submitted a video and include any additional information that you would like us to add to the text content of the video profile that we will prepare for you.  We may also add information that you have previously included in your profile to the text content of your video profile.

Step 7.  Check your email for confirmation that your video profile is ready for you to preview.  This process may take up to 24 hours.  Once approved by you, we will then embed the video profile into your Resume or Job Listing as appropriate.  All registered users of the website will then have visibility of your video.

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